Twenty-one Signs Your Teen Might Be Getting Bullied!!!!


Many of us have been bullied or been the bully sometime in our life but it’s much more than a few people calling you names and wanting to fight after school.  With social media and all the things, teens and children can access is alarming.  That is a whole other blog. From schools to social media is where kids can have access to continue the bullying even after school is out.  It doesn’t just stop after school ends. Please make yourself aware that even the most well-liked teen can still be bullied.  They may have lots of friends.  That still doesn’t mean they can’t be a target to some bully. Right now I want to just list some signs to look for if your child/teen is being bullied.

If I could’ve only connected the dots and known myself Lily may still be alive. I don’t really know for sure. So I am attempting to continue her work of helping others.  So let us talk about signs and symptoms to look for if your child/teen is being bullied.

  • They want to be homeschooled.
  • They have a sudden loss of friends and avoid social situations.
  • They call you during school hours to come pick them up.
  • They make frequent trips to the nurse for stomach pain, headaches etc.
  • They pretend to be sick in order to avoid school.
  • They tend to isolate themselves at home.  They also like to sit in the back of the classroom to avoid being noticed.
  • They try and keep a low profile out in public.
  • They are happy then suddenly they are crying.  Rapid mood swings.
  • Clothes, lunch money, and school supplies come up missing and need to be replaced.
  • They are very hungry when they come home. (someone else is eating their lunches)
  • They want you to buy extra snacks to take to school and give to their friends.
  • Some even stop eating altogether.
  • They seem helpless and have low self-esteem.
  • Grade begin falling.
  • They lose interest in school and other activities they used to love.
  • They may avoid the bus and have to be taken to and from school.
  • Unexplained injuries.
  • They may have a new change in friends.
  • They tend to make evasive remarks about feeling lonely.
  • They blame themselves for not being good enough.
  • They become clingy out in public.

They start to self-harm, cutting, burning, biting and hitting self.  (Clue: spending long periods in the bathroom or alone in their room.  DON’T OVERREACT.  Talk to your child and offer them help with being able to express their feelings.

Remember these children are in a sense being abused. They will be reluctant to talk and may even lie.  They are trying to protect themselves and their friends from being bullied too.  Bullying should be a zero tolerance offense but it isn’t.  Teachers are overwhelmed with the number of students they see each day.  The can only stop some of the incidents of bullying but they are not superhero’s.  They are teachers.  Parents and teen’s need to be aware and know what to do.

Just remember that some children/teens begin to self-harm and become suicidal.  I’ve talked to many kids over the past few weeks and told them, it is never ok to keep it a secret when a person is harming themselves or wants to commit suicide.  It is very serious ALWAYS.  It is not your duty as a friend to try and save them.  Leave that to the adults and parents.  Go tell someone you trust. Always remember just because your friends don’t  give you the right to keep those things to yourself.  You may lose a friendship but that’s better than losing your friend to death (suicide).


IF you have anything you can think of to add please feel free to do so.

Paula Adams





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  1. Listen to their words, but notice everything. What may be trivial to you could be life changing for a vulnerable teen.

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