Our mission here on Project Lira is to educate schools, teens, and parents on struggles and things our teens are faced with in this society.  Parents, schools, and teens helping teens before it's too late.  Some of the topics will be self-harm, mental illness, internet dangers, bullying, online predators and many other topics.

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Who are we?

A team of friends, family and I decided instead of attempting to go against schools and internet social media, we decided to use them as places to get out the word and educate the people about bullying and social media.  Our plan is to make people aware before its too late.

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Blog Blog Blog

Feel free to blog any experience you've had or your child has been through.  Blogs can be about bullying, social media and it's negative effects, mental illness, self-harm, or suicide.  We appreciate your help in educating the public and how you've learned from your experience.


Paula and Richard

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Our Message

After the untimely death of my daughters Lillian Indigo, I was beside myself with questions.  Why would Lily commit suicide?  What were the warning signs?  How did she gain so much knowledge about death and ways to commit suicide?  What have I learned since her death?  How will I use this knowledge to help myself as well as others.  How can I help teens who are feeling the same way my daughter did?  I've asked myself these questions and much more as I looked into Lily's life and death.  What I hope to accomplish is awareness and empowerment for teens, families, and teachers.


I am working with psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses, teachers, parents, police officers, schools, and teens to get information and pass it on.  With Project LIRA we will make a difference and we will save lives.